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The Athens Olympic Meteor is a collaborative effort involving a brilliant, creative, dedicated and hardworking team

United States

Steve Gray, President of Tiny Gray Matter, was responsible for the electronic design and programming of the control system for the meteor. Steve and and Mitch first worked together in 1999

Mark West and Pat McDermott, from Design Continuum (Newton, Massachusetts/Milan, Italy) designed the mechanical aspects of the hanging strobe system itself, allowing a single span, suspanded stystem that installs quickly and easily

Virginia Byron oversaw administration, especially in the last three critical months


Costas Kapos headed the Athens installation group that engineered, fabricated and installed the 115 meter long suspension cable system and the 12 meter pole and anchoring that supported the massive installation.

Elina Dallas, Kiki Dimitriadis, Petros Babasikas, and Bethia Liu of "Catch the Light" in Athens provided support and assistance, including interfacing with the Athens Olympics Committee and the City of Athens.

Thanks to Leonidis Arniakos, George Panayiotous, and all at the Hotel St. George Lycabettus for their advice and assistance.

The Web and Visuals Team

Jaesung Song is the computer artist who helps create the 2-dimension images for both prints and website

Yamil Suárez is the webmaster organizing the site

Ernie Gillis installs the videos of the installations onto the website.

Matt Barrett provided the homepage photo

Videos shot by Tasos Fytros and Mark West; edited by Mitch Benoff

Nikos Daniilidis took the aerial photographs used in some of the imagery.

The Support Team

Family, friends, colleagues, staffs, and workers far too numerous to mention, provided generous amounts of emotional, creative, and concrete support, enthusiasm, encouragement, patience, insight and assistance.

Thanks to Berklee College of Music for their support of this endeavor.

Special thanks to Ginny, Loren and Lew.